Fall 2022 Issue


Cover created by Sophia Lozanova

October 2022 Team

Editors’ note: Tower Times will now be digitizing all future print editions of our newspaper! We are extremely proud of our content want to share it with as many people in the community (and beyond!) as possible. We  cannot wait to give everyone virtual access to our issues! Each page will feature our Letter From the Editors and the link to access the issue. This is the first digitized issue, from the fall of 2022. 


Happy October! 

Welcome to the first issue of Tower Times, your student newspaper! 

This edition of Tower Times highlights the initial thoughts of the student body as the year kicks off. 

As a newspaper by and for students, we elevate students’ voices and create a space for them to share their ideas with the student body.
Last year was a “restart” year for us because we were reestablishing our print issue routine after a year with only one print issue. We put out four issues last year and this year’s goal is five. 

Now that we have a solid foundation, this year is all about growth. We want to include more voices in every publication. Several new people have already joined Tower Times this year and we are excited to see many more of you write for future issues.

We are also expanding what we do. Along with publishing content, we will have speakers working in the journalism field come speak to interested students. We are also entering a Wisconsin high school journalism competition in the spring, which is exciting!  

If you have ever considered contributing to Tower Times, now is a great time to join. We want to report more on current events while also covering the school community. 

Listen to the announcements to find out when our next pitch meeting is or contact an editor for more information about joining. 

We are incredibly excited for this year of Tower Times and we hope you are too! 

— The Editors (Anavi Prakash, Bill Lewis & Ella Smullen)


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