One Should Consider All Factors Before Sharing An Opinion


Ari Ayala, Opinion Writer

Hello. My name is Ari Ayala, and this is my first article as a writer in the Whitefish Bay Tower Times. Usually, when I read Tower Times, I talk about it with other students, we come to a consensus, laugh at the survey and jokes, and move on. However, there was a recent opinion piece, “Why I Don’t Like Rap Music”, and it presented me with an opportunity to explore the way that the wildly unpopular opinion was shared. 

I don’t consider myself an expert on rap, which is why I am not going to elevate rock and roll or rap to a level higher than the other. Instead, I want to show you that regardless of how you think of genres of music, the general idea is this: it doesn’t matter who you are or what you like, all genres of music have their pros and cons. I won’t sit here and bash every single popular rock and roll artist, nor will I comment on their looks. 

One clear difference between the two is that rap has a tighter grip on Gen Z than rock and roll does. This may be because rock and roll has a mostly male fan base, while rap tends to be more inclusive, with artists such as Nicki Minaj and Doja Cat. According to a recent survey published by YPulse, among the top 22 artists selected by Gen Z, none create rock and roll music, but almost half of the artists create music that falls under the genre of rap. That being said, some individuals listen to rock and roll, and it is inappropriate to condemn them for enjoying the music. 

There are certain benefits that rock and roll has. Glamorization of past generations and their taste in music can lead to a strong connection with family, as well as an appreciation for rock music others may not share. However, one must consider that while rock and roll music was popular in past generations, it was seen as edgy and vulgar for the time. It is not that different from the criticism rap artists face for expletives. 

In conclusion, no matter what or who you listen to, all types of music have pros and cons, and from generation to generation, new styles of music will come in and out of fashion. Therefore, it is inappropriate to go after someone’s persona instead of criticizing only the music. Instead, one should consider all factors before stating their opinion for everyone to see.