Letter From the Editor

Letter From the Editor

Anavi Prakash, Editor

Earlier this year, in a previous letter, I wrote that Tower Times is “a space for you to share your voices, ideas, and changes you want to see in our community.” This applies to the entire school community and continues to be one of my goals for Tower Times. 

In the last print edition of Tower Times, there was an opinion piece called “Why I Don’t Like Rap Music” that resulted in strong reactions from people in the school community. While some students expressed agreement with the opinion reflected in the piece, the opinion and the way it was presented did not sit well with many students, and was offensive to others. 

The opinion reflected in the piece is an opinion of a student at this school. As editor, it is part of my job to stay true to the voices of those who contribute to the paper.

It is also my responsibility and goal to create space for all aspects and voices around a topic.

Additional opinion pieces about rap music from other school community members will be published online and in our next printed edition. 

If you have any comments, critiques, suggestions and/or questions about this or anything else, I would love to talk to you about them. You can meet me in person or email me at [email protected].