Culinary Club Starts At High School


Culinary Club had a bake sale to raise funds for their club

Magnolia Judy, Reporter

Whitefish Bay is excited to welcome the Culinary Club! It’s the first cooking-based club at the high school. They meet in Mrs. Rice’s room, room 314, during lunch and at The Bay restaurant to cook and prepare food every other Monday night. 

Clark Hinz, head of planning and marketing says, “Our members learn and share new recipes, practice making these recipes in a real kitchen environment, and eat each other’s dishes. We offer three different leveled cooking classes throughout those Monday nights based on your skill level.”

Currently, Culinary Club has over 30 chefs of all skill levels. Recently, they held their first bake sale to raise funds for buying food and supplies. “The bake sale went amazing!! Our Culinary Club leaders baked and brought in food, labeled them with ingredients, and sold them over two days during ISHP and lunch,” Hinz says, “We had a great turnout and are very excited for our plans over the next few months and how that money will be put to good use.” 

Megan Byrnes, a sophomore and a member of Culinary Club, says, “The reason I joined Culinary Club was because it seemed like a good way to learn how to live in the real world, like learning stuff that really matters, and a way to meet new people and have fun with friends.” Regarding how she feels about the club, Byrnes adds, “I am so excited to be cooking future meals at The Bay and learning how to cook homemade meals that I wouldn’t normally cook.” 

Culinary Club is always looking and open to new members, so join today by emailing Lily Olson at [email protected].