Well-behaved cats are show cats. Yes, cat shows are a thing.


Thor Gabik, Reporter

Which is better, a dog or a cat?

When people get a pet, the dog or the cat are the two that come to mind. If people get both, then trouble is soon to follow.

Dogs have been man’s favorite pet for as long as can be remembered. People love them so much that dog shows are now aired on national television. The dog is also a very versatile pet. It can be seen with lazy people, active people, single people, married couples, and the list goes on. Some people will go so far as to get a dog that looks like them. This is taking it a little too far, but if they like it then let them be.

Cats, on the other hand, are generally pets for people who want a mammal as a pet but either don’t like dogs or cannot have a dog or they are a cat person. When it comes to cats, they can be broken down into four categories. Cute and not cute and well-behaved and not well-behaved. Cute cats are kittens. Not cute cats are full-grown kittens, also known as cats. Hairless cats take the cake for being the ugliest cats, correction, ugliest pet ever to exist. I mean who wants the naked mole-rat equivalent in cat form? Well-behaved cats are hard to achieve mainly because a lot of cats run away from people they don’t know. Also, many cats live outside half the time, always hide and tend to never be seen. Not well-behaved cats are the ones that don’t use the litter box and ruin furniture. Claw marks on the leather furniture are not pleasant to look at and cause homeowners to constantly get new furniture every time a cat ruins it.

Well-behaved cats are show cats. Yes, cat shows are a thing. Getting a dog or a cat is a big responsibility and they both are costly. Show dogs or show cats are usually double the price of a normal dog or cat. Dogs require more equipment than cats but they are more fun to have because dogs like to play and walk. Having a cat play fetch or walk for fun, with a leash? That’s a funny joke. The world will end before those two happen. The cat does have a few upsides though. They don’t require a lot of equipment, are very quiet, and always remain clean.

Whichever one is a person’s desired pet, they both fit a specific type of people. Finding out which one best suits the would-be owner is the hardest part.