New Clubs at Whitefish Bay High School


Film Theory Club 2021

Carly Pence, Reporter

Whether it’s going to the Activity Fair or looking at the school activity guide, every year the number of clubs Whitefish Bay High School has to offer grows. This year, there are a handful of new clubs with student founders that anybody can get involved in. 

Seed to Feed
According to Liesel Vorlop and Ella Novinski, the presidents of Seed to Feed, the goals of Seed to Feed are to learn about gardening, help take care of the Whitefish Bay community garden, and provide food for families in need. Members in Seed to Feed get the opportunity to learn gardening skills that will be useful to them throughout their whole lives, and to be part of a gardening community striving to make a change by donating freshly grown food to different organizations in Wisconsin. Monthly meetings vary and often consist of discussing future trips such as visiting Hunger Task Force, learning about gardening as well as sign-ups for gardening opportunities, and enjoying fun outdoor activities.

The inspiration for founders Liesel and Ella was having worked in the Whitefish Bay community garden over the last couple of years. They wanted to funnel their interest into giving back to the community as well as giving people an opportunity to garden. If you are interested in joining Seed to Feed, contact [email protected] or [email protected]


 Hooks and Needles
Hooks and Needles is a club for anyone interested in knitting and crocheting. This club provides the opportunity to knit with a group to make individual pieces or group pieces. At a Hooks and Needles meeting, you are faced with a table full of multi-colored yarn, which you can choose from to create with. You then take a seat with your materials and follow along on a video lesson or independently continue what you are working on.

Currently, the group typically works on gifts for friends or family or something for themselves. As the club grows, Hooks and Needles hopes to create pieces they can donate to various organizations. If you need extra help getting started, a teacher that is experienced in crocheting may be around to help you. If you are interested, go to the LMC on Tuesdays at lunch.


Chess Club
Students that join the Chess Club have the opportunity to play and learn chess, as well as the chance to meet and compete against new people. Students simply show up with either their friends or alone, grab a chessboard, and start playing. The chess club’s relaxed atmosphere is perfect for learners and competitors alike, as no prior knowledge of chess is required to join.

The founders of Chess Club, Nora Kortebein and Mary Kister were inspired by the Netflix miniseries, The Queens Gambit, about the chess prodigy Beth Harmon. As it did for many, this show sparked their interest in chess, and if it sparked yours as well or if you’ve been wanting to play chess, consider beginning at the Chess Club. If you are interested, attend every other Thursday in Mr. Johnson’s room (room 249) at lunch, or contact [email protected] or [email protected].


Film Theory Club
Film Theory Club is a club focused on enhancing member’s understanding of films and creating a relaxed environment where members can share their opinions comfortably. According to Sophia Losanova, the club’s president, Film Theory Club is “an open conversation”, where different movies with weekly themes will be discussed. By having a variety of movie themes that you discuss as a group, such as dystopian movies or movies with LGBTQ+ representation, the club can, as Sophia states, “broaden our view of the world and help people branch out of their comfort areas.”

Film Theory Club creates a space where members can share their theories and character impressions while listening to others share theirs. The leadership roles in the club are filled by Sophia Lasonova (president), Hannah Vinson (vice president), and Drew Marx (secretary). The role of assisting secretary is still open. If you are interested in becoming a member or leader of the Film Theory Club, join the Remind, @filmtheo21, or check out Film Theory’s Instagram, @wfbfilmtheory. Meetings are held in Mr. Spencer’s room (room 256) and you can join at any time!


WNS Debate
WNS Debate is a Whitefish Bay Debate Team that competes against Nicolet and Shorewood. WNS Debate debates current issues that are happening around the world against a regional group rather than a state or national one. This club creates the opportunity to practice and compete in debate without a strict schedule or demanding meetings.

The club’s purpose is to create a safe place for people to talk about things they don’t get enough time to talk about in class and hear other points of view about them. If you are interested in joining WNS Debate, contact [email protected].


Homework Club
Homework Club’s main purpose is to bring people back together after being divided in academic support for so long. Over the past year and a half with asynchronous learning for a lot of people, it has been difficult for people to seek the academic support that they need, making one of Homework Club’s main missions to rebuild the support system at school. To attain this goal, Homework Club creates a focused environment free from any distractions with available support if needed. You can work with a friend or seek help from someone older, or you can just work alone.

Homework Club is a great place to go if you want to go home with no homework, want to study with friends, or need help from either a classmate or upperclassman, who has already been through all the classes you are taking. Savanna Rostad, the founder, and also one of the free tutors at the club, realized she wasn’t the only one interested in free tutoring and turned this interest of hers into a support system available to students from every grade. To get involved in this club, go to the LMC after school on Wednesdays and/or Thursdays for as much of it as you want, or contact [email protected]


Table Tennis Club
The purpose of the Table Tennis Club is to compete and have fun with table tennis. At a typical meeting, you can expect to play a match, participate in a tournament, or even play a game with everyone. However, if you aren’t interested, there is no pressure to play competitively, and you can also play casual matches that aren’t recorded. Something members can get out of this club is increased experience with table tennis, and if interested, experience in a leadership role. Joining this club is a great opportunity to play table tennis competitively and improve at the game, while also forming new friendships in an active environment.

Table Tennis Club was started because there aren’t really any opportunities to compete and play table tennis in the North Shore. So, why not have a school club around a sport many of us are so familiar with? To get involved, join the Remind and text acf3a2 to 81010.


If you want more information on new clubs, look at the ‘New Clubs’ section in the Activity Guide!