Let The Show Begin!

Let The Show Begin!

Anavi Prakash, Reporter

The time has come for the cast to sing, the crew to build, and the pit to play. Instead of starting right at the start of the new year, the musical season is starting right after finals.

Auditions were two weeks ago, starting January 11, and the cast was announced later that week. They are set to start rehearsing on Wednesday, January 27th (due to the snow day), for the April 16th-18th, and 23th-24th shows.
The musical itself, Working, calls for an ensemble cast, giving opportunities to many for main roles. The cast is made up of 30 people, and has two assistant student directors. 

One of the assistant directors, junior Madeline LaFrombois, says she’s excited for the musical because “For me, theater is all about the community. I’m eager to still have this community and to have things feel a little bit more normal during these tough times.” Freshman Haley Solati, who also assistant directed the fall play, Almost, Maine, added “…the first show I ever did at the high school was Almost, Maine and being an assistant director was a good learning experience for that. I learned how much planning and structure goes into a show. This time around with Working I feel like I am more prepared with what I need to know to do the job. When I first did Almost, Maine I had no idea what I was doing. On day one I was reading full stage directions and giving notes when I hadn’t ever been in a show; so it will be nice to not feel so unprepared.” She continued to say assistant directing has given her a new perspective, so she has more than “…just the acting part. I’ve been [so] hyper focused on succeeding as an actor that I sometimes forget that that isn’t the only part of the show that is important. I’m honored to be an assistant director for this show…” 

As rehearsals go into full swing, crew is also starting soon on February 2. As Mr. Miller put it, they have to get ready to “…build lots of stairs.”
So far, there haven’t been any announcements for the pit, but that is bound to start soon as well.

As all three aspects of the musical start bringing it to life, the only thing left to say is: Let the show begin!