Thanksgiving break during a pandemic


Livy Maillet, Editor

Last year during Thanksgiving, no one would have thought that the next feast would be in the middle of a pandemic. But, here we are. Many families cannot travel anywhere to see family for safety reasons, and this is troubling because Thanksgiving is a holiday meant to be shared by families as a whole. Instead, we are cooped up inside our homes, waiting for this never-ending pandemic to be over, only wishing that we could make stuffing with our grandmas and eat that sweet, sweet pumpkin pie auntie makes every year.

Keeping this in mind, Riya Shah, a senior is ¬®just gonna have a low-key dinner just among the four of us [her immediate family], nothing special.¬® With Milwaukee’s cases peaking at 8,510 on November 18th, the city seems to be on a decline- but this doesn’t mean that Milwaukee is in the clear, still identifying thousands of cases a day. Moreover, this seems to be the reason most people are staying in for the holiday with Kate Fetterley, a senior, saying that “the reason I am not leaving this break is because of the surge in cases in Milwaukee every day. I do not want to contribute to that surge and neither do my parents.”

To conclude, most families are staying in for Thanksgiving this year because of the pandemic, but this will be a good decision to help keep Milwaukee’s cases on the decline.