High school to move to all virtual


Livy Maillet, Editor

On Wednesday, Ms. Levek sent out an email as a follow-up to the School Board’s decision to move to full to virtual learning starting on November 23; to be reevaluated on January 6. Tommy Dornan, a senior, feels that “with moving to all virtual, the school is providing a safer environment for the students. Even though it is not optimal for learning and all of us would rather be in school with our friends, it is more important to put our health first.”

The virtual learning will continue with its seven-period schedule rather than a block schedule, so not much will be changed. Teachers felt that it was important to see their students every day in the 51 minute period. In regards to design, pacing, and workload, teams are working together this week to consider these modifications. This could result in more authentic assessments, modified pacing, and prioritized learning targets, in addition to built-in breaks and individual work time.

Ms. Levek also noted that the high school is not completely shut down like last spring. Students will still be able to get materials if requested by a teacher. Lastly, she reminded students to think proactively and grab all the materials they may need over this period of virtual time as soon as possible.